Custom Clay

Custom Clay has been manufacturing quality infield mixes for towns, schools and professionals for over 40 years. We service over 800 customers throughout the metropolitan area. Our materials are primarily used for constructing and maintaining athletic fields, baseball fields and softball fields. All materials are tested regularly and conform to the ASTM guidelines available.

We also specialize in the construction or reconstruction of athletic fields, and baseball fields, as well as sports field drainage systems.

Our specialties include using both natural turf as well as synthetic turf to build whatever type of field you require. Our team of experts has over 50 years of combined experience to ensure your field is built with the quality assurance of their knowledge and expertise.

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  • Baseball/Softball Field Construction
  • Tennis Court construction
  • Tennis court, repairs/color coating,
  • Sports field drainage systems
  • Running track construction/repairs
  • Athletic field maintenance
  • Core aeration
  • Sand injection